4700 SE 14th St, Des Moines, IA 50320

 +1 (515) 287-7743

We Have Temporarily Moved to
1400 Army Post Rd., Des Moines 50315

We had a setback, but we are not out. Bring all of your vehicles Repair Needs to Us at Our New Temporary Location.

Know Your Rights,
You Choose Where to Go !!

The state of Iowa protects your rights as citizens to have your vehicle repaired at any repair facility of your choosing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion on this one, you may be told by an agent or adjuster that you have to go to a certain repair shop, and its simply not true. You choose where to go for your repair needs. Let us work with your insurance company.

We will work with your Insurance Company

Dealing with Insurance Companies can be intimidating and time consuming. We have worked with many insurance companies on the customers behalf. Let us work and coordinate with your insurance company. There is no hassle for you.